Aronica Twin Sola Diffuser And Refill,5 Reed Sticks


  • One Fragrance Diffuser Glass Bottle (5.41 Fl Oz /160ml)
  • One Refill Pack (3.38 Fl Oz /100ml)
  • 2 Pcs Of Handmade Sola Flowers
  • 5 Reed Sticks
  • One Gift Box


CONTENTS DETAILS,Aronica Twin Sola Diffuser And Refill

  • One Fragrance Diffuser Glass Bottle (5.41 Fl Oz /160ml)
  • One Refill Pack (3.38 Fl Oz /100ml)
  • 2 Pcs of Handmade Sola Flowers
  • 5 Reed Sticks
  • One Gift Box: 3.5″(L) x 3.5″(W) x 11″(H)


How are they made?

  • Sola flowers are made from the stems of Sola plants. Sola Plants are a type of reeds that are native to the South East Asia.
  • The plants are peeled and folded into various shapes of petals in the hands of master craftsmen

How does it work?

  • The wooden petals of sola flowers will rapidly absorb the fragrance from the container until it is soaked which may appear to be running fast. Then, the petals will diffuse fragrance into the air through evaporation. Therefore, the speed of evaporation can vary with the environmental conditions.(e.g. temperature, humidity)
  • Since the wooden petals can hold the fragrance, you can still enjoy the fragrance for sometime after the bottle becomes empty.


Functional Benefits

  • Sola petals are effective in fragrance diffusion by providing a greater evaporation surface than other diffusing materials e.g. reed sticks
  • Even a small sola flower diffuser can comfortably cover a larger space
  • You can control the fragrance diffusion with the number of sola flowers. Use both flowers for “Full strength diffusion”.  Use one flower for “Medium strength diffusion”.

Ambience Decoration

  • Decorate your air with lovely floral fragrances diffused by unfading sola flowers
  • Sola flowers are ideal indoor decorations for any household and a perfect Home décor gift



STEP1) Carefully unpack all of components, making sure to remove any packaging.

STEP2) Carefully remove the bottle cap and insert sola flowers and wooden craft stick into the bottle.

STEP3) Sola flowers and wooden craft stick will absorb the fragrance oil blend and diffuse the fragrance soon. Within a few hours the fragrance will be delicately diffused throughout the room.